Teeth Cleanings in Birmingham, AL

Young woman in Birmingham dentist officeOne of the best ways to protect your dental health is to consistently visit your South Birmingham dentist every six months for teeth cleanings and checkups. Preventive dentistry protects your smile and your budget because it can make you aware of problems before they become more significant and costly. 

Cook Family Dental offers preventive teeth cleanings and checkups for all ages from one to one hundred. We make it easy and comfortable for every family member to get the dental care they need in one convenient location.

Protecting Your Teeth and Your Health

Over the years, science has found clear connections between the bacteria that causes gum disease and that which causes other health issues like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, and even complications during pregnancy. If you suffer from gum disease, the bacteria that causes that inflammation could be contributing to these other non-dental related health concerns and vice versa.

Regular six-month teeth cleanings in Birmingham allow your hygienist to remove the excess plaque from your teeth that you might miss at home during your brushing and flossing routine, which is the same plaque that contributes to gum disease. Your hygienist will also keep you updated on the latest brushing techniques and products that might help you improve your home care routine.

Your checkups with Dr. Cook allow him to detect problems like tooth decay and gum disease in their earliest stages since he screens you for these concerns during every examination. X-rays that we take once a year can help us detect anything that might not be visible to the naked eye during your examination, and they also provide a baseline to help us monitor your dental health each year. 

The Reality of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a silent killer, shockingly responsible for one death every hour in America. Sadly, these numbers haven't changed significantly over the years since oral cancer is Mother and father holding their two children outsideoften not diagnosed until its later stages when the prognosis is not as good. This is because it is often not as noticeable and doesn't cause very much pain early on.

Routine examinations with your dentist every six months are so important for protecting yourself from oral cancer. You have the best chance of beating oral cancer if it is detected early, and that's why we provide screenings for it during every routine examination with Dr. Cook.

Take the Next Steps Towards Better Dental Health

If you're looking for excellent family dentistry in South Birmingham, AL, we encourage you to contact Cook Famly Dental today at (205) 326-6384 to schedule your next appointment. Even if it's been some time since you've visited a dentist, we're prepared to meet you where you're at without judgment. We look forward to building a relationship with you and being an integral part of your health care team for many years to come!