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Tooth loss can take a toll on your everyday life. You may struggle to chew the foods you love. Smiling may cause you embarrassment and your confidence to plummet. Those and numerous other health consequences make addressing tooth loss essential, and many patients today turn to dental implants, among the most advanced leading-edge tooth replacement options.

At Cook Family Dental, we recommend dental implants for numerous reasons, but to start, they have a 95% success rate, so the quality-of-life improvements they provide will last for years.

What Is a Dental Implant?

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A dental implant is a tooth replacement that is the most natural tooth analog in function, appearance, and comfort. While dental bridges or dentures sit on your gums, we provide dental implant surgery to place an artificial tooth root in your jaw. This structure is made from biocompatible titanium.

Dental implants also support several different tooth restorations, making them one of the most versatile tooth replacement options.

Our Implant Process in Birmingham

Dr. Cook has specialized training in placing dental implants. This helps him ensure that you're a good candidate (some patients require bone grafting) and that your treatment plan is carefully prepared. Then, with his expertise and experience, he surgically places the implant in your jaw during a procedure that takes just one to two hours.

As your artificial root heals, it fuses with surrounding jaw bone tissue. When healing is complete, the implant has become a permanent part of your dental anatomy.

When ready, we will supply a tooth restoration, depending on your needs. To replace a single tooth, we will attach a dental crown. For multiple tooth restorations, we will provide a dental bridge, removable partial denture, or denture. Finally, we fasten the planned restoration securely to the artificial root to complete your dental implant procedure.

Is the Implant Placement Procedure Painful?

We understand that the dental implant procedure may sound extensive, but we typically find it easier to place an implant than to extract a tooth. In addition, because we perform the procedure under a local anesthetic that numbs the area, most patients report little pain.

But at Cook Family Dentistry, your comfort is our priority, so if you feel concerned about the procedure, please let us know. We can discuss oral sedation to help you relax while Dr. Cook places your implant.

The Benefits of Tooth Implants

While you may choose from several tooth replacements, dental implants have numerous advantages over more conventional options. Among those are:

  • Durability – Being securely anchored in your bone makes a dental implant the most secure replacement possible.
  • Bone health – Because they mimic natural teeth, the pressure transmitted via tooth implants promotes jaw bone regeneration.
  • Versatility – Your dental implant can restore anywhere from one tooth to an entire implant-supported denture.

Why Is It Important to Replace Missing Teeth?

Many people in Birmingham, AL, may not realize that a gap in your smile has many impacts beyond the most apparent. If you avoid replacing a lost tooth, you can suffer from many problems, such as:

  • Lost tooth alignment when neighboring teeth slip into the space
  • Uneven and premature tooth wear
  • Jaw bone degeneration from lack of chewing pressure
  • Nutrition loss from trouble chewing healthy foods
  • Lost confidence from a "gappy" smile

If you're ready to replace missing teeth, Dr. Cook's team of dental professionals is happy to help get you back on the road to a complete and functional smile.

Man Smiling | Cook Family and Cosmetic DentistryHow Do Implant-Supported Dentures Work?

Dental implants have dramatically improved the quality of life for many people who wear dentures. Implants solve many problems with removable dentures by providing a more stable base. Dr. Cook places implants at various points along your jaw and then designs your dentures to snap onto them. As a result, secure dentures won't irritate your gums and rarely shift, slip, or fall out at the most awkward moments.


What's the Best Way to Care for My Dental Implant?

The long-term success of your tooth implant depends on your gums and jaw health, as they are your implant's foundation. So it is essential to keep your gum tissue healthy and avoid developing periodontal disease, supplemented with a commitment to good oral health and hygiene and routine visits to Cook Family Dental. These appointments allow Dr. Cook to look for signs of gum disease and treat it early before it threatens the stability of your implant.

Dental Implants and Tooth Replacement Options in Birmingham, AL

Dental implants are a way to replace missing teeth that we are happy to explain, recommend, place and support. Please use our convenient online form or call our dental office at (205) 490-8010 and speak to one of our friendly team members.