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4 Tips for Better At-Home Tooth Care

July 15, 2022
Posted By: Cook Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Imagine that you were able to wish yourself perfect teeth and a flawless smile. But, from the moment your new teeth appear, they would be under threat – perfect teeth won’t remain perfect for long without consistent and comprehensive oral health care. So, along with your routine dental check-ups, essential teeth care happens at home.

At Cook Family Dental, we are troubled by American dental care habits. Statistics show that only half of all Middletown adults brush twice daily, with only two out of ten flossing their teeth daily.

We hope to reverse these trends by communicating how vital this care is, with some tips on how to make your home care more effective in Holmdel, New Monmouth, Belford, Leonardo, Keyport, and Union Beach.

Tip 1 – Plaque Is Sticky, Get Rid of It Quickly

When you eat and drink, naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth begin to increase, feeding off leftovers from your last snack. This causes an accumulation on your teeth called plaque. Because plaque likes to stick everywhere in your mouth, it's best to remove it quickly and thoroughly before it hardens into tartar and calculus.

Tip 2 – Drink More Water, Especially After Eating

One way to help excise plaque from your mouth is to drink plenty of clear water. While this improves your general health by keeping you hydrated, it also serves to wash plaque-causing bacteria and excess food debris out of your mouth. You also may brush and floss around 30 minutes after eating to remove accumulations further.

Tip 3 – Floss First, Then Brush and Rinse

Many people wonder if their home care sequence makes a difference, and the answer is yes. When you floss first, you release plaque and other gunk from between your teeth, so when you brush, all of it gets removed. Finally, by rinsing with clean water or an antiseptic dental rinse, you also get rid of sticky plaque that might still be floating around, looking for a new home.

Tip 4 – Replace Your Toothbrush Every Few Months

Finally, remember that your toothbrush is designed to wear out. We recommend soft bristles to avoid tissue damage, so with recommended usage, you can expect to replace your toothbrush once or twice per dental check-up.

One way to learn more about your dental care is to join our Healthy Smile Plan, where two yearly check-ups and cleanings are among the benefits.

Clean Teeth and At-Home Oral Health Care in Middletown and Belford

If you want to learn more about how your at-home teeth care routine is so vital to your overall health, we encourage you to call and arrange an appointment today.

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