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When Tooth Extractions are Necessary

January 14, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Aaron Cook, DMD
birmingham al tooth extraction | dentist birmingham al

One of the dental procedures that cause people the most anxiety is tooth extractions, yet, in most cases, dentists will only do an extraction as a last resort. When it is necessary, it is often needed due to extreme tooth decay, crowding, and when your wisdom teeth are coming in. Patients generally are in less pain after the procedure and can quickly go back to their day to day routines. Extractions can be scary, but Dr. Aaron Cook and his team at Cook Family and Cosmetic Dentistry strive to make sure their patients are comfortable and informed before any extraction procedure. 

When are Extractions Necessary?

  • Wisdom Teeth – In between the ages of fifteen and eighteen, people will start to notice their third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, begin to come in. In most cases, these third molars will need to be removed. The reason that these teeth need to be removed is because most people do not have room in their mouths for four more teeth, leading to crowding, teeth shifting, and the wisdom tooth to become impacted. If the tooth does break through the gum line, they often won’t come in straight, which can allow food particles and bacteria to get caught under the gum and cause extensive damage. 
  • Crowding – Everyone’s mouth and teeth are different. Some people have larger mouths than others and some people have larger teeth than others. In some cases, the teeth that grow in don’t always fit in the amount of room available which can cause teeth to crowd and overlap. Crowded teeth can make it difficult to clean between them, making them more prone to tooth decay and gum disease. By simply removing one tooth, the rest of your teeth can be positioned back into a more cohesive shape. 
  • Decay – When you visit the dentist regularly, they will often be able to find signs of tooth decay early enough to treat and reverse it. Poor dental hygiene and skipping dental visits can allow tooth decay to spread deep within your tooth until the pulp, where the nerves are located, becomes infected. Often, this is treated with a root canal procedure, but in extreme cases where a root canal cannot save the tooth, it may need to be pulled before the infection can spread to the bone. 

Importance of Dental Visits

In many cases, extractions can be avoided by seeing your dentist at least twice a year for cleanings and check-ups. Good oral hygiene and regular visits will also help you keep your teeth and mouth healthy and free of damaging bacteria. Yet, if you live in the Birmingham, AL area and would like to know more about extractions, or to schedule a consultation, you can contact our office at your earliest convenience. 

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