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5 Tips for Preparing Your Child for a Dental Visit

May 3, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Aaron Cook, DMD
children's dentist birmingham al

Do you get a little anxious thinking about dental visits for your child? It is understandable that, as a parent, you want to avoid any situation where your little one might feel scared or uncomfortable.

As a children’s dentist in Birmingham, Dr. Aaron Cook understands your concern. But we want to put your mind at rest because there are steps you can take before your child’s visit to ensure a positive experience.

Getting Your Child Ready for the Dentist

  1. Make a trip to the library with your child and check out some children’s books or videos about visiting the dentist. Your child will probably be able to relate better to a character's experience in a story than you explaining the process to them.
  2. Show them that taking care of their teeth can be fun. Take turns brushing or let your child brush your teeth. Let them look in your mouth and count your teeth, then count theirs. Keep it light!
  3. If you have dental phobia, keep it to yourself. Kids learn from you, and letting them see that you are nervous about visiting the dentist isn’t going to help anyone.
  4. Avoid scary language and words like drill, needle, and injection. There is no point frightening your child before they even get to the dental office!
  5. If you think it would be helpful for your child to have a “preview,” please give us a call. We would be happy to arrange a time for you both to come by for a quick visit.

Kid's Dentist in Birmingham AL

We can’t emphasize enough how important early childhood visits are. Children’s dentist Dr. Aaron Cook wants to ensure that his youngest Birmingham patients have the most pleasant experience possible. This will not only benefit their oral health now but in the long term as well.

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