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Can You Sleep with Dentures In?

September 16, 2022
Posted By: Cook Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentures can give you more confidence and make you feel better about your appearance, but you shouldn’t wear your dentures all the time. Wearing dentures to eat, speak, and go about your day is expected and more than acceptable. However, we do not recommend sleeping while wearing dentures, including partials.

Why Removing Your Dentures Is Important 

Dentures sit on top of the gums, sometimes held in place with adhesives. Over the course of the day, your gums can get tired and need rest from wearing your dentures. Any type of denture can irritate the gums and cause other issues, so we think it’s better to err on the side of caution. 

Sleeping in dentures can be uncomfortable, but it can also affect your oral health and overall wellness. Studies have shown that wearing dentures while sleeping can increase the risks of illness and disease, such as pneumonia, gum inflammation, gum and tongue plaque, and more. Your dentures require regular and thorough cleaning, so your mouth and appliance remain problem-free.

If you don’t remove and brush your dentures and clean your gums at night, bacteria and fungi will build up and cause irritation and odor. Ultimately, wearing dentures during sleep is not hygienic or healthy for your mouth. 

How to Care for Your Dentures 

Having a good daily hygiene routine is essential for denture health. Removing bacteria and plaque from the dentures will ensure your mouth stays healthy and clean. 

Before going to sleep, we recommend the following:

  • Remove your dentures and brush them to remove plaque and bacteria.
  • Clean your mouth, including your gums and tongue. 
  • Soak your dentures overnight in warm water.

In the morning, rinse your dentures before wearing them. Your dentist can also provide detailed instructions and tips for denture care. 

Learn More about Dentures in Birmingham, AL 

Do you have missing teeth and desire a full, healthy smile? Call us today to schedule an appointment with our dentist Dr. Aaron Cook. He can help restore your smile and offer advice on how to best care for your dentures so they can last for many years. Our team at Cook Family and Cosmetic Dentistry looks forward to welcoming you! 

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