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Signs You Might Need an Emergency Root Canal

May 1, 2020
Posted By: Cook Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
Diagram showing the cause of a toothache

While our goal is to keep your smile healthy and out of pain whenever we can, we understand that sometimes you might need emergency dental treatment or an urgent procedure that you didn’t see coming. 

We can perform immediate dental treatment, such as emergency root canal therapy, whenever you need it.

Root Canals to Treat Painful Dental Infections 

Typically, you will need a root canal to treat a severe dental infection or to repair a tooth after it sustains some type of trauma. When teeth become infected, or the nerves begin to “die,” a root canal can restore the tooth to higher function and prevent it from needing extraction.

Although we perform root canals as a regular part of many dental treatment plans, we also offer emergency root canals in Birmingham. You may need an emergency root canal if you experience:

  • A severe, constant toothache
  • Pain in or around your tooth, especially when you eat or bite down
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • Darkening or discoloration around the tooth
  • Swollen, painful, or irritated gums

If these symptoms sound familiar, don’t wait to give our dental office a call. We can perform emergency root canal treatment, during which we will remove the infected portion of the tooth and seal the inner roots so the tooth can’t become infected again.

We Help with Your Dental Emergencies

Whether you need an emergency root canal or treatment for a different type of dental injury, our treatment team at Cook Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is here for you. We fix dental emergencies in 35233 and can repair your broken teeth in a flash. 

Call Dr. Aaron Cook today at (205) 326-6384 to schedule your emergency treatment!

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