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3 Reasons Why a Dental Bridge Might be Right for You

September 7, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Aaron Cook, DMD
Dental Bridge | Cook Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you tired of living with a gap in your smile that’s due to tooth loss?

If you’ve lost a tooth, you probably don’t feel much like showing off your smile to others. Maybe you have to shift food around in your mouth so it doesn’t hurt when you chew, or you’ve given up some of your favorite foods completely.

Living this way can drag you down, and the fact is that you don’t have to put yourself through the torture; a fixed dental bridge is a time-tested tooth replacement solution and may be your best option for restoring your smile.

How Dental Bridges Work

As its name implies, a bridge is a dental prosthetic that literally “bridges” the gap created by tooth loss and is typically comprised of three pieces that fit together. There is an artificial tooth that’s called a pontic that will sit in the empty space. It’s held in place by a crown on either side that’s attached to teeth adjacent to the space.

When a Bridge is a Good Choice

There are other types of tooth replacement, but here are three cases when a bridge would be your best choice:

  • The teeth on either side of the gap are strong and healthy enough to receive a crown.
  • You are not ready to invest time and money in the dental implant process.
  • You want the stability of a prosthetic that’s anchored to adjacent teeth for support.

Call Us to Learn about Your Options

At Cook Family Dental, we want to help you make decisions about your dental care that make sense for you. We need to replace a missing tooth, but you do have other options like a partial denture or dental implant.

If you’re trying to decide if dental bridges in Birmingham, AL are right for you, please call our practice to arrange a consultation appointment. Dr. Aaron Cook will be happy to sit down with you, review your needs, and explain your options to help you make an informed choice about your treatment.

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