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How Modern Dental Technology Streamlines Your Appointments

December 5, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Aaron Cook, DMD
Woman Having Procedure | Cook Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Most of us would prefer to spend as little time as necessary in the dental chair, and your family dentist in Birmingham, AL understands that. That is why so many dental practices today offer state-of-the-art technology that makes your appointments efficient, stress-free, and productive.

Here is some of the equipment you are likely to see in our modern dental office and how they benefit you:

Intraoral Cameras

Making decisions about your oral health is much easier when you can see for yourself what’s happening, and intraoral cameras give you the close-up view you need.

The images are displayed in real-time on your chairside monitor, and the benefits are: 

  • No guessing about what conditions your dentist sees
  • You are an informed participant in your dental care
  • Visualizing the problem for yourself gives you the confidence to make informed decisions

Digital X-Rays

Dental x-rays are an essential part of your oral health care, and digital x-rays provide the most in-depth view of what’s happening inside your teeth. The benefits they offer are:

  • Faster and more accurate diagnoses
  • Ability to manipulate the image so you can see problems in detail
  • You and your dentist can discuss the x-ray image together
  • Expose you to 80 percent less radiation than film x-rays
  • Flat digital sensors improve your comfort when taking x-rays

Call Cook Family Dental to Arrange a Visit

Dr. Aaron Cook and our professional team are proud of the technology we use during dental exams at our family dentist office in Birmingham, AL. The benefits to you are streamlined dental appointments, increased comfort, and an improved understanding of your oral health and why you need treatment.

We would love to arrange an appointment with you so we can give you a tour of our office and explain our state-of-the-art technology. Please call us to get started.

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