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How We Help Your Child Overcome Dental Anxiety

July 15, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Aaron Cook, DMD
kids dentist birmingham al | birmingham al dentist

We are all afraid of the unknown, and children especially might have fear when it comes to something new. That can include going to the dentist. Often it is just a matter of not knowing what to expect, or perhaps your kids saw you after going through a complicated dental procedure, so they fear the worst. One of the ways we welcome your entire family into our office is by helping you help your kids combat dental anxiety. Kids dentistry in Birmingham AL does not have to be scary!

We do our best to make your children as comfortable and relaxed as possible when they are here. Let’s talk about other ways to demystify trips to the dentist.

Show Your Children Your Own Good Habits

This starts early in your child’s life. For instance, start taking your kids to your routine cleaning when they are very young so they can see what goes on during a cleaning. Act happy while you are being examined so your child can see that there is nothing to fear in going to the dentist. Talk about how good your teeth look and feel afterward.

Also be sure to let them see you practicing good oral hygiene at home.

Do Some Role Play

Set up a pretend dentist office at your house and pretend to be the dentist. You can “examine” your child’s teeth and talk about x-rays. Talk about what happens in a teeth cleaning. Reward your child for his or her “visit” to the dentist with a sticker. A little bit of role play can make your child much more prepared for a real visit to the dentist.

Distract Your Child When Needed

Some children are worried about being away from their parents during their dental visit, and a small toy or stuffed animal can go a long way in helping to soothe their fears. You might also find out if you can accompany your child inside for his or her first visit. Small talk and jokes can also make your child feel happier and more comfortable—and can make the dentist office seem a lot less frightening.

Kid's Dentist in Birmingham AL 

As adults, we understand the benefits of enjoying good oral health for a lifetime. Kids will probably need more direct positive reinforcement. Stickers and small toys handed out by most pediatric dentists will be a help, so remind your child of that while he or she is sitting in the dentist chair.

If you are looking for kids dentistry in Birmingham AL, give us a call at Cook Family and Cosmetic Dentistry today!



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