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Are Dentures a Good Choice for You? These 3 Signs May Mean Yes

March 10, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Aaron Cook, DMD
Dentures | Cook Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

If you anticipate the need for dentures, you may envision teeth that look too perfect to be real, or you may remember your grandparents struggling with the discomfort of ill-fitting dentures.

Thankfully, that was yesterday, and today you can forget all the awful stories you’ve heard about dentures. A whole new world of technology and updated materials has emerged, and modern dentures eliminate many of the typical complaints associated with their ancient counterparts.

Are Dentures Right for You?

If you are dealing with missing or severely damaged teeth, there are several good reasons why updated dentures at our Birmingham, AL dental office might be the right solution for you:

  • You appreciate comfort: The most common complaint among denture wearers is discomfort and irritation that can make everyday actions like speaking and eating painful. Today dentists have access to updated materials and they also have experience in creating dentures that fit well. Combined with updated materials, dentures today conform to the contours of your jaw for a more comfortable fit. We also have the option of using dental implants that hold your dentures securely in place and prevent any movement.
  • You want a natural appearance: The truth is that modern dentures are indistinguishable from natural teeth when designed thoughtfully. One of the most important steps when creating new dentures is customizing them down to the last detail. The base of your dentures can be matched to your natural gum color, and you can work with your dentist to choose the size, shape, and color of artificial teeth. Skilled dental technicians create your new dentures, placing each tooth individually in the base for the most natural appearance.
  • You desire a more youthful look: When all your teeth are healthy and intact, they fill out the contours of your face and support your lips. But when teeth are lost, the support is gone, and your face can take on a sunken appearance that makes you look drawn, tired, and older than your years. Well-made full or partial dentures, on the other hand, fill out your face and restore your youthful appearance.

Please Call Cook Family Dentistry

We hope this information helps you see that dentures today can actually improve your appearance. Please call our Birmingham dental office to arrange a consultation!

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