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Dr. Cook's genuine concern for your well-being ensures that you will always receive outstanding dental care.

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Our friendly professional team works hard to make you comfortable so that every visit is enjoyable and stress-free.

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Three Facts You Should Know About Tooth Implants

tooth implants birmingham al

If you're living with a missing tooth, you understand the effect it has on your daily life. Eating the foods you used to enjoy becomes a challenge since you can no longer chew properly. You may feel embarrassed about talking and smiling in front of others. You may not even realize that your missing tooth is also affecting your oral health. The good news is that tooth implants in Birmingham may be the solution for you. Here are three facts you should know about tooth implants.

The Best Option Available

Also known as dental implants, tooth implants are by far the best tooth replacement option dentistry has to offer. This is because ...

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How Crowns Can Improve Your Smile

dental crowns birmingham al

Also called “caps,” dental crowns are covers that are put over a tooth to restore the tooth to its normal shape, size, and function. If you have a damaged tooth or need a root canal, you might have been told that you need a dental crown. Dental crowns will improve your smile, particularly when they are used toward the front of your mouth where they might show. In addition, they actually give you something to smile about since they make the tooth stronger and improve the way it looks.

Let’s take a closer look at dental crowns in Birmingham, AL, and how they can improve your smile.

The Dental Crowns ...

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How Sugar Affects Your Teeth and Oral Health

dentist birmingham al

You often hear that sugar is the number one enemy to your teeth, but do you know why that is? It's not actually sugar itself that causes damage to your teeth, it's more about the chain of events that sugar causes to happen in your mouth after you eat it. Your dentist in Birmingham, AL shares more about the devastating effects of sugar to your oral health.

Sugar and Acids

There are many types of bacteria that reside in your mouth, some are good, and some are bad. Sugar is the fuel that the bad bacteria uses to produce the acids that cause tooth decay. The good news is that saliva contains ...

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How We Help Your Child Overcome Dental Anxiety

kids dentist birmingham al | birmingham al dentist

We are all afraid of the unknown, and children especially might have fear when it comes to something new. That can include going to the dentist. Often it is just a matter of not knowing what to expect, or perhaps your kids saw you after going through a complicated dental procedure, so they fear the worst. One of the ways we welcome your entire family into our office is by helping you help your kids combat dental anxiety. Kids dentistry in Birmingham AL does not have to be scary!

We do our best to make your children as comfortable and relaxed as possible when they are ...

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Common Oral Health Mistakes

dentist birmingham al | 35205 dentist

Taking care of your teeth doesn't seem like it should be that challenging, right? After all, you brush and floss twice a day, that's all you need to worry about, isn't it? While keeping up with your regular home care routine is important, did you know that how you brush your teeth is as important as how often? Dr. Aaron Cook, your premiere Birmingham. AL dentist has some quick and easy tips on how to avoid common oral health mistakes.

Don't Brush Too Hard

Sometimes it's hard to remember to brush slowly and gently, especially if you're in a hurry; however, it's important to both your teeth and gums to be gentle when ...

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The Importance of High-Quality Dental technology

birmingham al dentist

In any profession, it is easy to fall behind the times, especially if you have done it for a number of years. In most professions, however, it is those professionals that change with the times that provide the best services and the best value. Updating your equipment, technology, and skills is important in any field, but especially important in dentistry, where the landscape constantly changes and improvements to patients’ comfort, health, and results are constantly being improved.

At our Birmingham, AL dentist office, we strive to stay on top of the latest developments in dentistry in order to provide you with the best care possible! Our investment in today’s dental technology ...

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Why Should You Choose Teeth Whitening?

birmingham al dentist | teeth whitening birmingham

As popular a procedure as teeth whitening is at our Birmingham, AL dental office, we still come across some patients who are curious about teeth whitening but reluctant to bring it up.

This is understandable. Many of us have been conditioned to put ourselves last or to think that procedures that are primarily cosmetic in nature are “frivolous” or should be low on our list of priorities.

Here’s the truth about teeth whitening (and other cosmetic dental procedures):

A beautiful, healthy-looking smile is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

What Makes a Smile So Special?

It’s no secret that your smile is one of your most distinctive features. It’s a key ...

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