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Researchers Identify Link Between Cancer and Gum Disease in Women

women gum disease | birmingham al dentist

Periodontal disease is an inflammation of the gums caused by a bacterial infection. Commonly referred to as gum disease, it affects more than 70 percent of people over the age of 65 in the US. Gum disease is more common among men, but even so, the infection still impacts about 38% of the female population  

Birmingham, AL dentist Dr. Aaron Cook has always stressed prevention as the best way to avoid the oral health problems that go with gum disease. However, the more we understand about gum disease, the more we learn about the ways it impacts not just your oral health, but also your overall health. A recent ...

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Have You Scheduled Your Kids' Back-to-School Exams?

children's dentistry | birmingham al dentist

Summer is gradually drawing to a close, and parents everywhere are busy buying school supplies and getting their kids ready for the first day of school. You have backpacks in order, your shelves are stocked with healthy lunchtime snacks, and you feel confident you’re ready for the big day.

But don’t forget to add back-to-school exams to your to-do list! We want to ensure that your child enjoys the benefits of healthy teeth, so let’s take a look at the importance of preventive dental exams.

Cavities – The Most Common Childhood Disease

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, dental caries (tooth decay) are the most common chronic childhood disease. Research ...

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Getting a Dental Bridge? 3 Benefits You Can Expect

bridges birmingham al

It is always a good idea to replace a missing tooth as quickly as possible. Your self-confidence is affected because who feels like smiling with that big gap in your teeth? Eating can be challenging and uncomfortable, too, as remaining teeth try to do the work of the missing tooth.

Surrounding teeth will start to drift into the empty space, creating tooth misalignment. Instead of just a missing tooth, you end up with an entirely different problem to solve! But bridges at our Birmingham, AL dental office, are the perfect solution to resolve the esthetic and functional problems that go along with tooth loss.

Perks of Dental Bridges

  1. Your self-confidence will soar! It ...

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Which Drinks Should You Avoid for a Healthier Smile?

dentist birmingham al

As a parent, you try to make sure that the foods your family eats support good oral health. Of course, you need to avoid candy and other sweets, opting for healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. However, you may be unaware that certain foods, particularly beverages, can be equally damaging to your teeth.

If you want to get the straight scoop on what constitutes good and bad foods, it’s a good idea to contact a top dentist in Birmingham, AL. At Cook Family Dental we provide you patients with exceptional dental care and the information you need to ensure your family enjoys healthy, problem-free smiles.

Here is a list of some drinks ...

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Mini Implants vs. Regular Implants: What’s the Difference?

mini dental implants birmingham al

Dental implants have been around long enough now that you probably know they are a permanent tooth replacement option. Mini dental implants are not as well-known, but they generally perform the same function as conventional implants.

How Mini Dental Implants Compare

However, compared to a conventional implant, minis are much smaller, about the width of a toothpick. Their small size makes them perfect for replacing small teeth like incisors or for securing loose-fitting dentures.

The post that anchors in your jaw is made of titanium, which integrates with the bone and tissue in your jaw, forming a stable base for a restoration like a crown or a denture. Dr. Aaron Cook has years ...

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5 Tips for Preparing Your Child for a Dental Visit

children's dentist birmingham al

Do you get a little anxious thinking about dental visits for your child? It is understandable that, as a parent, you want to avoid any situation where your little one might feel scared or uncomfortable.

As a children’s dentist in Birmingham, Dr. Aaron Cook understands your concern. But we want to put your mind at rest because there are steps you can take before your child’s visit to ensure a positive experience.

Getting Your Child Ready for the Dentist

  1. Make a trip to the library with your child and check out some children’s books or videos about visiting the dentist. Your child will probably be able to relate better to a character's experience ...

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New Research Could Make Dental Implants More Successful

dental implants birmingham al

Dental implants are one of the most popular treatment options for missing teeth available today, and while they are one of the most successful and effective options, there are still cases where implant surgeries fail. Implants can fail due to a number of issues, including infection, rejection of the implant, weak connection to the bone, and mechanical issues. 

Reducing Implant Failures

One of the most common reasons that an implant can fail is peri-implantitis, which occurs when biofilms develop on the implant during the healing process. A new study found that by implementing thin coatings to the implant posts, this issue can be reduced.

The coatings are made of a combination of silver, ...

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