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Dr. Cook's genuine concern for your well-being ensures that you will always receive outstanding dental care.

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About Our Office

Our friendly professional team works hard to make you comfortable so that every visit is enjoyable and stress-free.

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We stay current with the latest dental treatments to provide you with the services you need for excellent oral health.

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Patient Testimonials of our Birmingham, AL Dental Office

Our team works hard to provide excellent care and build positive relationships with each of our patients. Please take a moment to read what our satisfied patients are saying about their experience at Cook Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Very Comfortable!

This patient received mini dental implants and a porcelain bridge and is very happy with Dr. Cook's procedure.
"Very easy, very pleased with it."
"I've gotten some compliments on it already. I highly recommend this procedure"


Dr. Cook and Robin,RDH were so awesome!!! I was nervous to be seeing a new dentist after using the same great dentist for 15 years, but I was blown away by Dr. Cook and his team!!!!! They went above and beyond for me!!!! Highly recommend!!!

-Amanda S.

Very pleased!

I was very pleased with my experience at Cook Family and Cosmetic Dentistry on August 6. Sarah, who cleaned my teeth, was very friendly and professional; she was gentle and thorough in cleaning my teeth, and she gave me useful information in response to my questions on how best to care for them. Dr. Cook was great too--always friendly and helpful. I strongly recommend this dental practice to those who are looking for a new dentist.

Miriam B

The most wonderful experience!

I am a new patient and I had the most wonderful experience with Dr. Cook and his staff! My experience began with a very receptive office environment, a comprehensive examination that included my medical history, x-rays, and getting my teeth cleaned by the dental hygienist, who did a superb job on my teeth! She removed stains that II thought were permanent. She worked in my mouth with such care and excellence. Dr. Cook examined my oral structure, asked and answered questions as we discussed my dental health at length. I left the office with a million dollar smile knowing that I had been serviced by a very competent, and professional team in the area of dentistry. I am grateful to Dr. Cook and his staff!

-Monica M

A great place

Dr. Aaron Cook and staff are truly a professional team with a customer focus. Every visit has been a pleasant and comfortable experience from the instant I step into the front office until I leave. Dr. Cook addressed and provided several options on how to resolve issues my with smile. There were no problems after the dental procedures were performed. The location of the office is very convenient to anyone working in the downtown and surrounding area. Overall, it's a great place!

-Yvette G

Very Comfortable

When having my procedure, Dr. Cook and his staff went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. Five Stars

--Gwen W.

Best dental experience

My experience was very pleasant. The staff is very friendly and polite and most importantly for me punctual. Dr. Cook is very friendly and truly interested in his patients. He is very prompt and eager to answer any questions or address any concerns. This was by far my best dental experience in a very long time.

Bradley S.

Caring and Excellent

Again, went to Dr. Cook today with the front bottom of my tooth chipped off. Aging is not always fun, as our body and teeth change. I have always taken pride in my teeth and a pretty smile, the first feature I notice. Again, I cannot express enough how caring and excellent Dr. Cook is. My smile is pretty again! My husband and I will follow Dr. Cook wherever he practices. Thanks Dr. Cook, my smile is better than ever!

Julie Donaldson

A Great Dentist

I just wanted to thank Dr. Cook so much for the beautiful new smile he gave me! It's absolutely stunning! Dr. Cook really is a great dentist. Thanks again! Anyone looking for the best should definitely see Dr. Cook.

Ashley H. from Talladega
October 2014

Everyone is so nice!

My family and I have always had good experiences with Dr. Cook, and we love his new location in Southside! He's done a great job of updating the decor and technology. His staff is always so friendly and really is a pleasant place to go to the dentist. Highest recommendation!

S. Turner

Best dentist ever!

My family has been seeing Dr. Cook for almost 4 years and we absolutely love him! He is so calm and gentle, and his shots don't hurt! He replaced some old, stained fillings on my front teeth and now they look perfect. We've never been this pleased with a dentist--we love Dr. Cook!!

Abby D.

Most Gentle

That's the most gentle shot I've ever had. My husband said that you were gentle...that was great!

-Martha H.

First Painless Shot at a Dentist!

Went back to my dentist yesterday for my permanent crown and a little filling repair...can I just tell you that is the first time in my life I've never felt a shot from a dentist?? :)
-Denna Scott
August 11, 2014

My son's favorite dentist

Dr. Cook is not the first dentist to see my 9-year-old, but he's now the only one Jason will see. I constantly hear how the shots don't hurt and he never feels anything. And most recently Jason needed a root canal on a front permanent tooth that he broke while playing...and he actually took a nap during the procedure!! I'm very happy (and so is my son) with Dr. Cook.

-L. Pearson

Very Satisfied with Dr. Cook!

After six months and two cleaning this patient is very pleased with Dr. Cook
"Dr. Cook came in after the cleaning and spent quite a bit of time examining my teeth and giving me some feedback on things I could do to maintain my dental health."
He was impressed with the office, the staff, and how modern the technology was!

Gentle but Thorough

This patient grew up in a generation that was very afraid of dentists, but Dr. Cook is gentle while still being thorough so she doesn't have to be afraid.

"Every experience I have ever had with Dr. Cook has been a positive one"

Amanda B's Testimonial

"Dr. Cook is extremely professional. He is always very attentive to all my concerns and I feel like I have his undivided attention whenever I'm in his office"

-Amanda B.

Alicia M.'s Testimonial

Dr. Cook has been my dentist for several years and my office visits are consistently positive experiences. He has a calm and gentle presence and makes me feel very comfortable in the dental chair. In fact, when I've had to receive shots, I wouldn't realize the shot had been given until afterwards! He really takes his time when examining my teeth and never seems rushed. In such a busy medical world, I certainly appreciate a dentist who takes time to listen and be thorough! The atmosphere of the office is also pleasant and comfortable; he and the friendly staff seem to be making lots of homey improvements to the space. I would certainly recommend visiting Dr. Cook for your next dental appointment.
Alicia M.

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