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Getting a New Dental Crown? Here’s What to Expect

Dental Crowns | Birmingham, AL | Cook Family Dental

Has your dentist told you recently that you need a new crown? It’s most likely because the tooth has been compromised in some way and requires a crown to strengthen and protect it. 

You can think of a dental crown as a protective helmet for your teeth. A tooth-shaped ceramic jacket is designed to surround and enclose a damaged tooth to add strength, restore normal function, and improve your appearance. 

Dental Crowns – 5 Steps to a Healthier Smile

Considering that dental crowns in Birmingham, AL are so beneficial, the process for placing them is surprisingly straightforward. 

  • Step 1: Call your dentist for an appointment to determine if a crown is the ...

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Improve Your Appearance with Esthetic Dental Crowns

Woman Pointing to Teeth | Cook Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern dentistry is continually evolving as new and improved materials, techniques, and technology become available. One area that benefits from all these advancements is dental restorations like esthetic dental crowns in Birmingham, AL

You most likely know what a crown is, what it does, and how it protects your teeth. Your dentist uses a crown on a damaged tooth to absorb chewing forces and protect the compromised structure beneath it. But in modern dentistry, esthetics are equally important, and porcelain or ceramic crowns are a perfect choice that restores both function and appearance of your smile. 

How Are Esthetic Crowns Used?

Dental porcelain is a translucent material that mimics the natural luster and sheen of ...

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3 Reasons Why a Dental Bridge Might be Right for You

Dental Bridge | Cook Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you tired of living with a gap in your smile that’s due to tooth loss?

If you’ve lost a tooth, you probably don’t feel much like showing off your smile to others. Maybe you have to shift food around in your mouth so it doesn’t hurt when you chew, or you’ve given up some of your favorite foods completely.

Living this way can drag you down, and the fact is that you don’t have to put yourself through the torture; a fixed dental bridge is a time-tested tooth replacement solution and may be your best option for restoring your smile.

How Dental Bridges Work

As its name implies, a bridge is a dental ...

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Getting a Dental Bridge? 3 Benefits You Can Expect

bridges birmingham al

It is always a good idea to replace a missing tooth as quickly as possible. Your self-confidence is affected because who feels like smiling with that big gap in your teeth? Eating can be challenging and uncomfortable, too, as remaining teeth try to do the work of the missing tooth.

Surrounding teeth will start to drift into the empty space, creating tooth misalignment. Instead of just a missing tooth, you end up with an entirely different problem to solve! But bridges at our Birmingham, AL dental office, are the perfect solution to resolve the esthetic and functional problems that go along with tooth loss.

Perks of Dental Bridges

  1. Your self-confidence will soar! It ...

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How Crowns Can Improve Your Smile

dental crowns birmingham al

Also called “caps,” dental crowns are covers that are put over a tooth to restore the tooth to its normal shape, size, and function. If you have a damaged tooth or need a root canal, you might have been told that you need a dental crown. Dental crowns will improve your smile, particularly when they are used toward the front of your mouth where they might show. In addition, they actually give you something to smile about since they make the tooth stronger and improve the way it looks.

Let’s take a closer look at dental crowns in Birmingham, AL, and how they can improve your smile.

The Dental Crowns ...

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